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The Essence of Getting Organized

Benefits of De-Cluttering and Getting (More) Organized

Getting Organized is Good for Your Health

Getting Organized Saves You Money

Getting Started

Tips for Getting Organized

Clutter-Prevention Habits

Tips for Making Change

Just Do One Thing

Motivating Yourself to Get Organized

Managing Paper and Technology

Paper Management for the New Year

Records Retention: Papers to Save

Getting Off Marketing Lists

Shredding Advice

Space to Breathe in Your Digital Life

The Business of Life

Too Many Catalogs?

Preparing for your Digital Afterlife

Home and Family

National Preparedness Month Tips

Back to School Organizing Tips

Lessons from Small Spaces

The Challenge of Sentimental Items

Too Many Books?

Transform Your Kitchen

What’s in Your Closet?

Seasons and Holidays

Gifts of Organization

Space to Breathe for the Holidays

Spring Cleaning and Renewal

Summer Organizing Tips

Welcoming Fall


Helpful Feng Shui Principles


Helpful Quotes about Getting Organized

Have Fun Getting Organized

Do Your Possessions Spark Joy? (Marie Kondo)

Throw Out Fifty Things



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Recommended Reading

Resources for Charitable Donations

Ways to Help the Environment

Energy and Water

New Ways to Save Energy

Saving Energy in the Warmer Weather

Saving Water, Saving Our Oceans


Environmentally-Friendly Holidays

Green Purchasing


Conscious, Ethical Eating

Reducing the Use of Hazardous Household Products


Alternatives to Using Lawn Pesticides


Reducing Motor Vehicle Idling

Paper and Offices

Green Options for Using and Recycling Computers

Saving Paper, Saving Trees

Too Many Catalogs?


Did You Know You Could Recycle This?

Disposal of Expired and Unwanted Medications

The Importance of "Re-use"

"There was a man
And some did think him mad
The more he cast away
The more he had."

Pilgrim's Progress

"Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful,
or believe to be beautiful."

William Morris

"When in doubt:  breathe, drink water, clear clutter."
Karen Kramer

"You can't have everything.  Where would you put it?"
Steven Wright, comedian

For my complete list of helpful organizing quotes, please click here.
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