After several years of providing organizing services, I realized how this career path dovetailed so naturally with my concern about the environment - how often it was that good organizing suggestions were ones that benefited the planet as well.  Now the National Association of Professional Organizers has made this connection official, and lists Green Organizing as a specialty service that some organizers provide!

What exactly is Green Organizing?  One way to define it is "An environmentally-friendly approach to professional organizing, emphasizing the principles of Reduce, Re-Use, and Recycle."  And whether one calls it Green Organizing, Eco-Organizing, or Earth-Friendly Organizing, "green" activities naturally come into play as I help my clients to simplify and balance their lives.

Here are some environmentally-friendly ways I can help you:

making recycling and donating-for-reuse priorities as you declutter your space

researching the recycling resources near your home/office

locating appropriate resources for donations, including ones that "pick up"

"repurposing" items in lieu of purchasing new ones (e.g. using shoe boxes and check-register boxes for containers)

finding "junk" handlers who recycle and make every effort to find new homes for your stuff

disposing of all waste properly, including e.g. nail polish, unused medicines, batteries, and electronics

cultivating green habits and becoming a conscious consumer

teaching children to be "green" and being their role model

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