Hiring Karen Kramer was one of the best things I have ever done for myself.  After moving between four different states over the last ten years and being a busy professional, I had a 2000 sq ft house that was totally cluttered.  I hated the idea of going through all the piled-up papers and boxes but Karen was right beside me all the way in her patient manner, keeping me on track.  We decluttered my entire house including the two-car garage in about six sessions.  I am now healthier, a lot happier, and am no longer wasting money buying duplicate items.  Plus, I saved so much by realizing I did not need remodeling - I just needed to organize what I had.  I use every room in my house now and feel so much more at peace when I am at home.

C.P.  Weston, MA


Karen Kramer's skill in organizing and restructuring my office, as well as much of my home, has made the world of difference in my life.  She truly creates space to breathe. 
I have worked with her for years and will continue to do so, both on new home and work projects, and well as on maintaining my current office space.  Karen is an absolute pleasure to work with and has keen and sensitive insight into people's individual needs.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.

B.R..  Wellesley, MA


Karen and I have worked on a long-term project together:  going through the accumulated clutter of a whole house.  She led me through this seemingly Herculean task with her hands-on, efficient, lively, and tactful demeanor. 
The result:  a transformed household, time and space freed for the whole family, a nice art studio and workspace, and enough energy and better habits to create a website, go back to school, and move on with my life as a wife, mother, artist, and writer.  Karen is a pleasure to work with, and she truly provided the help and support I was wishing for.

L.N.  Arlington, MA


Working with Karen has been incredibly helpful in both clearing out clutter and creating organizing systems to manage a busy life with three kids! 
She's a pleasure to work with, has great ideas, and is extremely supportive!  I highly recommend her services.

T.M.  Waltham, MA


A couple of years ago I initially hired Karen to help me organize the room I spend most of my time in, my home office.  I was very impressed with Karen's ability to help me re-organize in a personal customized way, and was so excited with the results that I had to call her back and eventually made it through practically the entire house. 
Some spaces were difficult for me because of emotional attachments, but Karen's innate ability to guide me through made it much easier to let go of the things that no longer served me.  I actually couldn't have done it without her.  She is clear and focused in her manner and a delight to work with in every way.  Whether the job is big or small, you will delight in your space every time you look at it.  I would highly recommend Karen Kramer.

J.G.  Watertown, MA


I have found working with Karen to be incredibly helpful.  I have asked her for help with very different projects, from organizing the billing for my business to organizing my clothes closet, and it's always made a big difference in keeping on top of my life. 
Unlike other organizers, Karen doesn't come in with a "recipe" or "one size fits all" approach.  She pays a lot of attention to what has and hasn't worked for me over time and then helps design a system to match my style.  She is a pleasure to work with, low key, focused, and our time is always so productive.  Something I find particularly helpful is that she follows up by email, and sends a summary of the systems we've created and what still needs to be done.  I so much appreciate the thought she gives to her clients' needs and projects during sessions and between sessions, and I definitely will be calling her again!

P.C.  Newton, MA


I have used Karen off and on for several years and would recommend her highly. 
She has helped me with many projects throughout my home - including decluttering and redoing my entire home office, organizing my basement, helping me to let go of a lot of stuff, and setting up a system for the administrative aspects of my home-based business.  She has researched problems for me and found good resources, created personalized forms for my business,  helped orchestrate large holiday gatherings at my house, and has even taught me how to do some things on my computer!  Most importantly, with each step, she helped me clarify what was important to me in my life.  Karen is very centered and calm and has a lot of energy for plowing her way through seemingly difficult tasks.  She is also very positive, encouraging, and flexible.  As I said, I would recommend her highly.

S.M.  Brookline MA

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